‘Duruga’ is the name of the study tour to Australia that will be held during the summer break of 2017. It is organised and attended by students of Arago, the study association for applied physics at the University of Twente. The word duruga itself means ‘falling star’ in the language of the Dharwal people (an Aboriginal tribe) of the state of New South Wales.

The trip will take approximately three weeks and starts in the second week of the summer break, after the re-exams  during the first week. The cities that will be visited are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Australia is prominent in a wide variety of research fields, from astronomy and solar energy to research stations on the Antarctic. The study tour offers students the chance to visit research facilities and high-tech companies in this beautiful country, while also showing the cultural aspects of living in Australia. This way, students can enrich themselves with a better understanding of how research is facilitated on a global level and get in touch with cultural differences between Australia and The Netherlands.

The Duruga study tour is being organized by a committee of five applied physics students, supervised by their predecessors and the board of study association Arago, who put in a lot of effort to make the trip possible. Our goal is to enhance the student’s knowledge about research and culture in Australia, and thereby to contribute to their personal growth.