To realize this study tour, our participants will carry out a case. These cases are typically completed by one or two students who put in 160 hours of work per student. In return, our Study Tour asks €3000,- per student. Naturally these figures can be negotiated. Note that no payroll tax has to be paid over this amount. For more information about taxation please contact the treasurer:
The contents of a case are entirely up to the customer, examples are a literature study or the alignment of an optical setup. Every student has access to the facilities of the University of Twente such as the university library with thousands of books and research papers.

To guarantee the quality of our students’ work we have strict requirements for our participants. On top of that, the work done by the students will be supervised by the committee.

Our participants will be master or bachelor students who have covered most of the bachelor program. The requirements range from acquiring a minimum amount of European Credits in the year before departure to a selection based on motivation and dedication.

Examples of current cases are the remodeling of a website, calculating the electric field in a semi-sphere and experimental measurements on the solidification of a droplet by total internal reflection.