We will be travelling across the south east coast of Australia, from Melbourne in the south to Sydney and Brisbane up north. In each of these cities we will visit prestigious high-tech research centers at the various universities and companies located there, as well as spend time on cultural aspects and of course on scenic tours of Australia’s landscape.
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Australie kaart
Travel schedule
Monday 17 july
Flight departure from Düsseldorf


Tuesday 18 july

Wednesday 19 july
Thursday 20 july
Friday 21 july
Saturday 22 july
Sunday 23 july
Transfer in Hong Kong
Late arrival in Melbourne
Melbourne Center of Nanofabrication
RMIT university
University of Melbourne
AFL match
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Monday 24 july
Tuesday 25 july

Wednesday 26 july
Thursday 27 july

Friday 28 july
Saturday 29 july
Sunday 30 july
Monday 31 july
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Flight to Sydney
The Dutch consulate
CSIRO Lindfield
Data 61
CSIRO Astronomy
University of New South Wales
Blue Mountains

University of Sydney


Tuesday 1 august
Wednesday 2 august
Thursday 3 august
Friday 4 august
Saturday 5 august
Sunday 6 august
Monday 7 august
Tuesday 8 august
Flight to Brisbane

University of Queensland
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Departure from Brisbane
Arrival at Düsseldorf

For the whole schedule you could download our Duruga Travel Guide. This gives a detailed description of our days and some extra information on Australia.