Melbourne, officially named after the British Prime minister┬áLord┬áMelbourne. It has a population of around 4.53 million people, which is a stunning 76% of the total population of Victoria. The city has the nick name ‘Garden City’ since it encompasses a lot of green areas. The Royal Botanic Gardens for example are the second largest botanic gardens in the world, which we will most likely be visiting during our visit.

Visits (18 july – 24 july)

On tuesday evening at 22:35 we will arive in Melbourne to see the city and visit the great companies. Of all the possible companies we had to make choices and of those we will be visiting the following:

  • Melbourne centre of nanofabrication
  • RMIT university
  • University of Melbourne

We are still in discussion with a few companies and as soon as they are confirmed we will add them to the list.