The city of Sydney is the second city that we are going to visit. Well known for the Sydney Opera House but with many other sights like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Royal National Park. Sydney is the oldest city in Australia, ever since its foundation it has ever grown in national as well as international perspective.

Visits (24 july – 1 august)

While in Sydney we will be visiting the research company Silanna and the famous CSIRO. Silanna is focused on semiconductor development and has settlements in 5 major cities around the world. CSIRO has many different research groups and subjects. To see the high level research we will also visit the university of New South Wales.

A summary of all the companies that we will be visiting in Sydney:

  • Silanna
  • CSIRO (Lindfield and astronomy)
  • University of New South Wales
  • The Dutch consulate
  • Data61
  • University of Sydney